Bureaucratic Attachment Parenting

Great article in Salon. One of my most basic community design beliefs is that when you do commerce, you have to split it up into multiple parcels and sell them to different owners. A “town center” or “main street” that has a bunch of facades but one owner is always going to be a mall; only a hodgepodge of variously-owned properties is going to have a chance of evolving into something authentic.

4 thoughts on “Bureaucratic Attachment Parenting”

  1. Fantastic blog. Just read nearly the entire thing. Surprised I hadn’t found it earlier — someone referenced it from HAIF. You are now in my newsreader. I’m very much in the Yglesias camp. I think with the lack of zoning, Houston is a real laboratory for the future. Just wish it was happening faster.

  2. Uhm. It put my name as well as my alias in the field in the above comment. Can you edit or delete it?

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