Sound of the Underground

What to do when an Indian reservation cuts into a corner of your rapidly-growing city, preventing completion of your gangsta ring road? Just go underground instead.

It’s an interesting blog post and I’d recommend it. I was especially intrigued by the Charles Hansen plan, which would essentially put a set of braided ramps underground leading to various arterial roads. Oslo already rolls like this.

In some respects, Calgary is almost a victim of its own success. Calgary’s aggressive right-of-way banking is easily the equal of Houston or Dallas. But in the case of the Stoney/Sarcee trail extension, the original ROW acquisition assumed a diagonal through what is now the Tsuu Tina reservation. A new alignment that skirted the reservation would be a fairly easy take, mostly this row of houses. But Calgary’s successful ROW policies have spared them the need to cut highways through existing houses for something like fifty years, so the prospect of doing so warrants decades of studies.