Is Studemont Next?

One of the quieter actions of the late Parker administration has been to slowly alter speed limits from 35 or 40mph to 30mph. These reductions aren’t based on an engineering study or field measurements, but on a creative interpretation of state law. Texas sets the default urban speed limit at 30mph in lieu of a study justifying higher speeds. The City is interpreting that to post 30 on roadways which were formerly determined to be safe at 35 or 40.

An endangered species?

I first began to notice this about a year ago, and had it confirmed by sources within PWE last summer. Thus far, it seems to be restricted to thoroughfares inside the Loop. The existing signage is allowed to disappear (through collisions, failure, theft, etc). When most of the old 35/40 is gone, the road is re-signed at 30. This provides a more gradual transition period than simply changing the signs out overnight.

Recently, I noticed that all of the 35mph signage is missing between Allen Parkway and IH-10.

Status of Montrose & Studemont limits as of 3/19/15

Will Studemont be the next street to be reduced to 30?

2 thoughts on “Is Studemont Next?”

  1. I wish the city would lower the speed limit on Kirby Drive between San Felipe and Shepherd. At night and on weekends, cars are reaching speeds up to 60 MPH on this stretch of Kirby. I’ve seen several people, who were trying to cross Kirby, have to sprint across the street to keep from being hit. Some of these people were with children and/or pushing a stroller.

  2. The change in speed limits won’t matter. HPD is so under-staffed that they can’t even post police officers to enforce the speed limits. No one will drive the 30 mph because they don’t do it now in the Heights. We had a police officer sit on N. Main south of 610 and in one day (4 hours) wrote 78 tickets for going 45+ in a 30 mph. Who knows what the follow up in court or fines will be.

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